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We had a business lunch in Angels with Bagpipes – a restaurant in the Royal Mile that I had fancied trying for a while. They do a fixed price lunch for £15.95 which seemed pretty good value – 3 choices of starter, main course and dessert.

I started with the duck pate, with pea salad, prune and orange (sorry – forgot photo – too busy talking). It was good although I thought the pate was a wee bit bland. The pea salad was superb. I followed this with the tartlet – an onion tart topped with a substantial goat’s cheese. This was excellent – tasty cheese, crisp pastry and just the right amount of salad to accompany.

Tartlet with goats cheese, fennel and apple salad

The other mains – lamb and fish were said to be equally good. My pudding was a creme brulee with a green apple sorbet – crisp caramel on top but not too hard. Very good although it was hard to get the biscuit off the serving board.

Creme brulee with green apple sorbet

The food here has a good reputation and, on this showing, it’s well deserved. However, the quality of the service sadly did not meet the standard of the food.

We arrived early (the first in the restaurant) and ordered without problems. About 20 minutes later a large tourist party came in, just as we were served our starters. Then we had to wait and wait and wait – the orders were taken from the large party – they only seemed to be having a main course – and then they were all served before us. Presumably because of some agreement with the tour. We had to wait more than an hour before getting our main course.

For lunch, this is simply not good enough – leisurely service in the evening is OK but at lunchtime people have a limited time and simply can’t wait this long. We were offered a lame excuse that one of us had ordered the lamb and this took more time. In fact, they simply neglected their ordinary customers in favour of the tour party.

Would I go back? Maybe.  I enjoyed the food which was very good quality and I thought good value for £15.95.  But if you want a business lunch and have limited time, I don’t recommend this place.

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