La Garrigue, Jeffrey St, Edinburgh.

La Garrigue is, without doubt, my favourite French resto in Edinburgh. I hadn’t eaten here since June 2010 - since then, they’ve been on a Gordon Ramsay programme on telly and twice we’ve tried, it’s been full.

La Garrigue - 31 Jeffrey St

So we booked well in advance for my birthday dinner – it was a Thursday night – busy but not full. As always, the ladies started with La Pousse Rapiere – the house cocktail made with an Armagnac liqueur and sparking wine. As La Garrigue specialise in the cooking of southern France, I went native and had a pastis – although it’s not quite the same as drinking it in the sun.

The menu changes with the seasons and the winter menu, as you’d expect, had lots of warming stews and slow-cooked dishes. I started though with their Roquefort souffle – which, looking back was what I had the last time. It is simply superb and highly recommended.

Others had the pigeon which was pronounced to be excellent – the morsel I tasted confirmed this.

Roquefort souffle with walnut and pear salad

My main course was the traditional cassoulet with a walnut salad. Beans, confit of duck, pork and Toulouse sausage. I always enjoy this although it’s certainly not a refined dish. The tastes of the slow-cooked lamb shank and the beef cheek which I had were also very good.

Cassoulet with walnut salad

We shared a lemon tart for pudding – another repeat.

Wine was a southern French red from the Languedoc called ‘La Garrigue’ – no direct relationship with the restaurant as far as I know. Spicy and herby – we really enjoyed it.

Dinner was £25 for 2 courses but with drinks, wine and coffee were were about £40 each. Much better than most restaurants in France. If you haven’t tried it – go there!

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  1. Jean-Michel says:

    Dear Mr Sommerville,
    Thank you for the review , the pictures and your continued support,
    Kind regards,
    J-Michel and the team

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